Linden Lea is delighted to present 

A Concert of Ukrainian and Slavic Choral Music

For the Season and Our Times 

performed by

The Portland members of the Maine Balkan Choir 

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10th at 3:00 PM

Suggested donation: $15. 
All proceeds to support 

United Help Ukraine 


Greater Good Charities'
Ukraine Crisis Response program

FMI, directions and reservations, please email lindenleapownal[at]

Did you know that the famous and beautiful 

"Carol of the Bells" 

is originally the Ukrainian New Year's carol 


The beautiful new year's carol "Shchedryk" was made world-famous when the Ukrainian National Chorus sang an arrangement by Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych on their 1919 world tour, after which the English text for the "Carol of the Bells"  was written.
Traditionally sung in the spring-time, the original Ukrainian new year's carol "Shchedryk" tells of good fortune to come to the farmer, as predicted by a swallow who flies into his barn.

Here is a rhyming English translation of the Ukrainian original text: 

Shchedryk, shchedryk, shchedryvochka
Here flew a swallow from afar
Started to sing, lively and loud,
Asking the master to come out,
Come here, oh come, master, it's time,
In the sheepfold wonders to find,
Your lovely sheep have given birth,
To little lambs of great worth,
All of your wares are very fine,
Coin you will have in a big pile,
All of your wares are very fine,
Coin you will have in a big pile,
You have a wife, fair as a dove,
If not the coin, then the chaff,
You have a wife fair as a dove.

Come hear the original sung LIVE 
and enjoy the music while 
benefitting Ukraine!